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Not to be farmed

Not to be hunted

Stop the cruelty

Lord Ashcroft believes that South Africa needs to halt captive-lion breeding, which has resulted in thousands of lions being killed for the “bone trade” or as hunting trophies. He also believes that the UK Government should follow the lead of other countries, notably the US, in banning the importation of captive-lion trophies.


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LION farming

Lord Ashcroft commissioned a year-long undercover operation involving ex Special Forces and security operatives to reveal the full horrors and illegal activities relating to captive-lion breeding.
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In 2018, Lord Ashcroft sponsored the first “Footprints of Hope” programme organised by the Veterans for Wildlife charity.
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In 2007, Lord Ashcroft intervened to try to prevent the Japanese from overturning the ban on whale hunting.
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